Our Work
Critical Success Factors

These are some success factors that Tomorrow by Design and the Sponsor team need to work together for our engagements and interventions to be successful.


The opportunity or problem must be something that the sponsors feel is urgent and must be addressed.


Do we have the right people having the right conversation? There are typically 5 types of participants in our engagements and they are all crucial to the success of an event:

  • Leaders of the key areas of the organisation who have the power to make decisions around a course of action;
  • Subject matter experts(SME) from key areas of the organisation who can construct elements of the solution;
  • Those who will be responsible for and involved in driving any change (at the level of team & organisation);
  • Key stakeholders who will be most impacted by any change;
  • External SME who can drive different perspective, experience, knowledge and challenge into the mix to stretch the thinking

Decision Authority

Do we have the correct level of decision-making authority given the scope we are working with? Typically the Sponsor Team should comprise the key decision makers from the stakeholder groups.

Safe Place

Have the Sponsors and the Facilitator create an environment in which participants can express themselves freely?


Complexity may not necessarily come from the intellectual challenge of a situation but may simply be the organisational complexity that has to be overcome to achieve success

Trust the Process

Our process is different and can be challenging for Sponsors as they are both designers and participants in delivering the solution. It is crucial to work together. But we must trust the process!

Focus on the Questions not the Answers

The Sponsor team must define the questions to be addressed as opposed to coming with a defined solution that they need others simply to take on board.